Daiwa Cnw-418 Diagram

DA .'.'A rngeruj !v 5 also ^ 3eni ■■ -- RM E^O an Infrared cordless mobile rnicro-phone system Audio and transmit receive switching are carried on a safe infrared beam Experience the freedom of cordless mobile operation. Ask your Daiwa dealer \o\ a demo today!

Frequency range: 3 s-SOMHz including WAFi( bands • Tuning Time: less than 45 seconds • Power rating: SSB - £ bk\N PEP : ■ ThtMSU Jury J A" I 500 watts, RTTY. SSTV - 500 watts • Output Imped* ance: tä-250 Ohms (unbalance : * Dummy Load: 100 watts 1 minute 4installed) • Metering Ranges: Forward power - 2f> 200. 2()Cn w.itlS; Ft< 1 lüCU?d power-4/40 200 whKs SWFI i ! Infinity * Power requirements:!: 1£vüe ®200nia

Manual Antenna Tuners CNW-518 / CNW-418

The serious amateur wants to achieve the best antenna match possible That's why DAtWA offers two mam \h\ antenna tuners that maximize power transfer and offer cross-needle metering as well

Microphone: Electret Condenser type ■ Continuous Operaiing Time: 5 hours minimum * Charging lime 8 nours fria? « Usabie Dislance: ftjtft microphone to sensor • Power requiremertIs: Cur. iroMer - 13.8 vdc Microphone - 2 1:. vdc.i«

Speech Processor RF-670

DAIWA innovative thinking led to the development of the RF-67G Photocoupler Speech Processor, its unique design gives your signal lhe boost it needs to cut through bothersome QRM. Get RF-type processing performance with the HF-670's economic photocoupter design


Daiwa Cnw 418

WARC bands «Power rating: 1h CV\ luty *

Output Impedance: 10-250 ohms lunbatanced) *

Insertion loss: ItiSS Ihan 5 :B

CNW-418 - Same as above except - Power rating:

2DG watts CW

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