Jersey Devil Station Wjug To Operate Halloween

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Hell Really Exists

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The West Jersey Radio Ama* teurs (WJRA) will man a special operat ion from (he South Jersey Pine Barrens, the haunt of the feared Jersey Devil. Beginning and ending at midnight, the cou* rageous WJRA group will attempt to operate the entire 24 hours of Halloween. October 31st. A certificate engraved with a countenance of the Jersey Devil will be sent to all stations worked who send an SASE to WJRA, PO Box 62, Burlington NJ 08016. Frequencies to be used are 15 kHz from the bottom of each General phone band. 80 through 2 meters. Novice operation also will be 15 kHz up.

The Jersey Devil was bom in 1735. a 13th chiid. in a place called Leeds Point, Not long after its birth, on a foggy and dreary night so usual in the Pine Barrens, the chiid assumed a serpent-iiike body, cloven hoofs, the head of a horse, wings of a bat, and the forked tail of a dragon. With loud, raucous cries, it flew up the chimney and into the heart of the Pinelands. Appearances and sightings occur even today. On Halloween, the WJRA will maintain a radio vigil, trying to capture a glimpse of the Devil Wili they see him? Give them a call (W2JUG) and get a first-hand report. {Oh, yes. Jf the answer is a loud, raucous, cry,,.) If you have any questions, call (609)-386-5906 or write Frank Huminski K2SGS, 307 Monroe Street, Edgewater Park NJ 08010.

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