Bilal Isotron Antennas

Isotron antennas, designed and manufactured by the Bilal Company, employ a unique new embodiment of a full-size harmonic antenna which permits the radio amateur who has limited space to get on the air from an apartment, condominium, mobile home, or other space-limited environments, There are no compromises in matching or tuning Isotron antennas to your transmitter. This unique design allows direct feed with standard coaxial cable and does away with the need for radiais.

How is it that an eighty-meter antenna, for example, can be only four feet tall, eighteen inches deep, sixteen inches wide, and weigh a mere eight pounds... yet perform as well as a full-size antenna? Bilal claims that the answer is in research and development. Isotron antennas were five years in development and testing, and now are available in B0-, 40-, and 20-meter models.

For more information, call or write to Bilaf Company, Star Routev Florissant CO 80816; phone (303)'687~3219. Reader Service number 483.


ETO ALPHA RF Power Amplifiers

Bilal Isotron

ALPHA 76A Manually tuned, full coverage of 16Gtc 15m bands pfus 1.8 2.0 and 3-22 MHz; includes new WARC bands. (2| 8374 ceramic-metal gro unded grid triodes. 2.5 KW PEP-SSB input, 1 KW average, CCS - No Time Um\t Dri ve power nominal 60 wafts carrier, 110 watte PEP SSB. 120/240 volt 1.5 KVA heavy duty transformer, quiet forced air cocfing 7W'h * 17"w * 1 Wd, 65 Eb

Regular $1865 - Sale Price $1499

Option "L" Lightweight Hipersif® transformer reduces weight 20 lbsr no change in ratings add $160*

ALPHA 76PA Identical to 76A except uses three 8874 final tubes. Recommended for FSK and SSTV operation where extended key-down time is necessary.

Regular $2195- Sale Price $1799

ALPHA 76CA Same as 76PA, but uses 2.4 KVAHipersil® extra duty transformer for rugged, heavy duty use or tough environments; reduces weight by 10 lbs,

Regular $2395 - Sale Price $1999

Alpha 77dxBilal Isotron

ALPHA 77DX Manually tuned, full coverage of 160 tu 15m plus 1 8-2.0 & 3 22 Mhz; includes new WARC bands. Power output 2 KW PEP-SSB or or continuous carrier DC plate input rating is 3 KW PEP or continuous carrier * No Time Limit. Single 8877 ceramic-metal grounded grid triode, requires 100 watts drive for 2 KW input nominal, typical efficieny better than 60%. Vacuum relay QSK-7VR system, air cooled, encapsulated 4+ KVA Hypersil® transformer, heavy duty silver plated tank coif & ceramic vacuum variable plate tuning capacitor. 120 or 240 volt primary. lTh - Ww* 22'Jd. 103 lbs. Air Freight

Regular $4945 - Sale Price $3999*

* Drop-shipped from factory vis Air Freight - Freight Collect (F.0,8, Colorado).

Regular$4945 -SalePrice$4149'*

+*Plcked-up or shipped via Air Freight -Freight Collect from one of our stores.

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ALPHA 374A Adds "no-tuneup" convenience to the basic 76A chassis. Provides instant bandswtching among the popular amateur bands, plus full coverage manual tuning in the 1.8-2.0 & 3-22 MHz ranges.

Regular $2395 - Sale Price $1999


Bilal Isotron

ALPHA 78 Combines the best features of ail other ALPHA amplifiers (3) 8874's, QSK, 2A KVA Hipereil® trans^ former and a bandpass no-tune-up system that fully covers the 160-15m bands with no sacrifice in efficiency compared to manual mode * 17"w * 143Td, 651b.

Regular $3185- Sale Price $2599

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