Boneconduction Hearing

Individuals with hearing impairments may soon be able to enjoy sound-oriented pastimes like ham radio by using a bone-conduction hearing aid developed by Matsushita Electric Co.

This electronic breakthrough bypasses the eardrum by vibrating the bones near the inner ear. A small microphone, amplifier, battery, and vibrating device are built into the frames of special eyeglasses. Matsushita plans to release this new hearing aid for the US market in the near future.

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Hamtronics, Inc., long noted for FM transmitters and receivers commonly used for building repeaters, has now completed their line of repeater modules by offering inexpensive COR and CWID moduies.

The 3"x3J' COR module kit contains an electronic relay to actuate the transmitter when the receiver squelch opens. Adjustable tail and time-out timers are provided on the board, as weti as an audio mixer to combine the ID tone with the receiver audio for application to the transmitter. Another nice feature is a separate speaker driver amplifier stage which allows a local speaker to be operated completely independent from m

Hamtronics Inc

Bone-conduction hearing aid from Matsushita,

Hamtronics4 COR module,

the repeater audio level setup control, without using hard-to^ find L-pads.

The 3" x 7" CWID module kit contains a tone generator controlled by a 158-bit diode matrix. Adjustments on the board control the ID speed, tone, and time, A special output filter eliminates the key clicks found on many repeater iDers. Although many articles have appeared recently on PROM IDers, many still prefer a diode matrix because it can be easily repro-grammed at any time without further expense. The CWID module is constructed on a double-sided PC board with plated^ through holes for easy assembly. The CWID and COR modules are designed to be used with Hamtronics^ transmitter and receiver modules as well as most other types. For further information, contact Hamtronics, Inc., 65 F Moul Rd,t Hilton NY 14468; phone (716) 392-9430. A complete 1981 catalog, which includes all Hamtronics® FM and SSB equipment, is yours for the asking. ¡For overseas mailing, please send$2,G0or5!RCs,) Reader Service number 477,

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