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Ham Shack Design for

Novices, take note!


One set of questions usually asked by new hams concerns the practical aspects of setting up a new station These questions are often difficult to answer since they can affect the new ham's entire family, assuming the station is to be focated at home.

Quest/on; I just got my call in the mail and now want to set up my station. What is the minimum 1 need for the operating position? Answer: I have seen ham shacks ranging from a separate building containing a TV set, stereo, bathroom, and refrigerator to one built into a single desk drawer. However, at a minimum you need an ac line outlet, a ground wire, and a way to run your antenna feedlme.

Q. Let's take these one at a time. What about the ac line?

A. It would be nice if you had a single 120volt line direct from your house fuse box with 20-Amp service and a second 240-volt line for a linear amplifier However, most of us end up plugging in a distribution box containing four or eight outlets, a fuse or breaker, a switch, and a pilot light. If you want to use a commercial box, there are several available, but they are only fused on one side; you really want fuses on both sides. See Fig 1.

Q. Why fuse both sides? I

thought that most 120-voit ac lines have a neutral or common which is grounded.

A. it is a matter of safety It you get a lightning strike that enters your home wiring, it js nice to have both sides of the line fused so thai there is a chance the fuses or breakers will blow and protect your equipment,

Q, f take it that when I want to operate the station I simpiy have to flip one switch and I now have power to all the equipment?

A. Yes, but you will also want to have one or two ac sockets which bypass the switch so that power is always available to vour clock, desk lamp, or an\ other equipment which you might want to use independent of your rig. You also might consider using a kev switch if you have any small children around so that the\ cannot turn on your station

Q, How much power should I plan on?

A As a rough approximation, complete a table for your station such as the one shown in Fig. 2.

Q+ Well, just how many outlets do I want in total? A. No ham in history has ever had enough outlets or current available. It is getting a little better now since many hams are also wiring

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