Still The Leader

•Sale of the ST-7/T Is subject to FCC Certification.


SANTEC'S popular HT-1200 is the incomparable 2 meter leader This little rig is handing over quality, power and features that you'd expect from something nearer the size of a bread box. SANTEC packs a 2 meter ham shack into the palm of your hand?

You can carry scan, search, 10 memories and fully synthesized key pad control around with you and still get out with a big 3.5 watts (nominal). Compare them apples to anything you want, and settle for nothing less.

SANTEONOLOGY breaks into the 440 band with style! The new ST-7/T synthesizes the entire band in 5 kHz steps, works both up and down repeater splits and does it all right from your hand, with versatile power options of 3 watts. 1 watt or even 50 milliwatts (all nominal), to reach out to where you want. The high power mode of 3 watts radiates on 440 like 5 watts on 2 meters and that's a handful!!-

Tones? This one has them ... tones and subtonesl The 16 button tone pad is a SANTEC Standard at no extra cost, and the ST-7/T's optional synthesized subtone encoder is controlled by the radio's front panel switch.

All the regular SANTEC accessories used with your HT-J200 fit the ST-7/T as well, meaning that you can enjoy both bands fully with a smaller cash investment Grab the new SANTEC ST-7/T and join the fun on 440 MHz See your SANTEC Dealer for delivery details*.

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