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Send and receive CW with MFJ's new CW transceive program and interface. Just plug-in interface, load program and operate. Gives you Tri-Split screen, 3295 character buffer, 10 memories, "Fist

All you need to send and receive CIV.

TRS SO Models I and III CW Transceive program am) interface lets you send and receive CW No modificalions to rig or computer

Trt-Split screen tor receive, transmit, message index. On screen transmit/receive lEOs . trans mil speed indicator. "Fisl Fixer

TRANSMIT: 3295 character (or more) buffer. Preload buffer while receiving Transmit when ready. Ten 199 character memories. Repeat/link memories Erase character, buffer, screen 1? 55 WPM Store 2200 characters for group practice

RECEIVE: Adjustable "Fist Fixer"' helps to copy poorly sent CW. Self adjusting to 100 WPM Re turns to receive when transmit butler is empty Store up to 5 screens of received CW.

HARDWARE INTERFACE: Plugs between rig and computer Noise hmiter, 4 pole active band pass filter, post detection filter, tracking compa rator. Keys tube or solid state rigs. Tuning, trans mt!P ON LEOs 6x1Vjx3 inches Aluminum cabinet

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Ecgi^lerctf U3di mar* of Tandy Cpipvafeon

RF shielded 9 18 VDC or 110 VAC ™tfi optional MFJ-1312 AC adapter, S9.95.

Requires TRS-80 Model I or III with at least 16K, Program supplied on eassetle tape.

Order from MFJ — no obligation, if not deligMed. return wdhtfi 30 days for relund shipping). One year unconditional hardware guarantee

Order today. Call toll tree 800 647 1800. Ctwge VISA. MC or mail check, money order for $99 95 plus $4 00 shipping and handling Order MFJ 12T0 for Tfls eo Model I or MFJ 1212 for Model III Enjoy CW. See dealer or call MFJ today.

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