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Sick of Network TV?

Our recejver lets you gar over 75 channels of teie-vision directly from earth-orbiting cable TV satellites!: HBO, Showtime, super stations, sports and movies worldwide

L ; Limited Membership - Î2SQ0 LLS

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2184 J&C BLVD. MAPLES, FLA. 33942

FULL MEMBERS-Receive 52 issues of the weekly Expedition Newsletter while making a significant contribution to the expedition Fund. ($38.00 U,S,)

LIMITED MEMBERS - Receive 52 issues of the expedition Newsletter while not contributing to the DXpedi-lion Fund ($28.00 U.S.)

FRIENDS - The most important asset of the expedition Fund They contribute various sums to this fund but do noi receive the Newsletter.

DX members outside Canada & Mexico - add $12.00 U.S. to cover additional postage on DXpetfition Newsletter.

Employees of DXpedltions, Int. and their families are not eligible for financial assistance from the DXpedition Fund.

DAIWA announces an all-new lineup of high-quality amateur radio innovations

Cross-Needle Meters CN-520 / CN-540 / CN-550

DAIWA cross-net die precision is now available- fn a compact case Get forward power reflected power and SWR readings at a single gIance f ram a meter that f us anywhere!

Daiwa 540 Manual

Forward 2t}Q/2h Rellect 40 -00 watts ■ Detection Sensitivity: 40 waits minimum * Accuracy: ,a\ full scale * Dimensions: 72W x ^2H x 95D w- m

CNS40 - Frequency Range: 5015QMM2 • Power Range: Forward 30/200 wstta Reflected - 40 watt; • Detection Sensitivity: 4 waits minimum * Accuracy:

110% at lull scale • Dimensions: same as CN-520

CN55G - Frequency Range; 144-250MH,: * Power Range:Forward 20 200 watts*Reflected 4 40.yv.itts-Deteclion Senstllvity: 4 watts minimum* Accuracy:

110% at lull scale * Dimensions: same as CN-520

Active Audio Filter AF-306

By electronically filtering unwanted signals, the AF-306 givesyou clean, distinguishable copy Featuring its own internal speaker the AF -306 Active Audio Fitter is easy to install easy to operate

Input: 2 Ôy 4v max * Output power: l vtai! 8 ohms • Distortion: feäS than 2J. * S N ratio: b-rter than S de • Low CutFiHen:400Hz ÔOjHj t i 0 .h,. * High Cul Filter«: 1100Hz. l600Hz+ 2500Hz

Automatic Antenna Tuner CNA-2002

Leading ihe way in convenience is the Daiwa CNA-2002 2 5 kW (PEP) Automatic Antenna Tuner Cross-Needle Metering and optimum matching in under 45 seconds make it the perfect compliment to any state-of-the-art amateur Station

Daiwa Cnw 518 Power

Frequency Range: V t THZ ihCtuding AARC bands • Tuning Time;h ^ ir>45seconds «Power Rating: SSB-2 HSkw PEP CW-lkw (SCHkdutyl AM-500 watts RTTY. SSTV-500 walls (10 minutes}

• Output impedance: 250 of rns iimbafancedl Dummy Load: 100 watts i mjhutfl (instaNed) * Metering Ranges: Forward p>wer 20/200^2000 watls Reflected power - 4/40/200 watts SWR-M-infinity

* Power Requirements; I 1 li< vdr ¡n> 200 ma

Manual Antenna Tuners CNW-518 / CNW-418

The serious amateur wants io achieve the best antenna match possible That's why DAIWA offers two manual antenna tuners thai maximize power transfer and offer cross-needle metering as well

CNW 5ia - Frequency Range 3 MQMHzincluding WARC oands * Powef ralmg Ikw CW fâOSduîyj * Output Impedance: 10-250 ihms 40-10 ^etersi 26-100 ohms (80 rmthrrs * Insertion loss: »essfhan

CNW-418 —Sam^ as above except Power rating: 200 watts CW

UHF/VHF Mobile Antennas

Premium quality, high-gain design, Special tilt-over feature for added convenience.

DA500- 146/440 MHz Dual Bñnrf

Length 960 m m DA 100 - 5 a wave» I ength 1.360 m m ■ 146 MHz DA200- 7 0 wavt? * L i-rig i h 1rB70m m • 146 MHz

B5S E. Congress Park Drive oGHSefifrioB CentervilieH Ohio 45459

E*ckjs ve U 5 Agenis !or ,rie$£ Darwa produ is Dealer It quir> invJted

Infrared Cordless Microphone

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