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Capable of handling the Leyal Lun ih the 'SYSTEM 33 i the finest compact tr, bandt «ivdiJ to th^1 amateur De&iyned and produced bv one oi the world's largest antenna manutat lu^i s the traditional quality ot workmanship and materials excells with the "SYSTfcM 33 New boom-to-olernem mount consols oi two 1, SFT thrck formed aluminum pldtes that will provide Miore clamp my and holding strength lo prevent element misalignment Superior clampjny power i* ob ij.n,(j ,.vith ih- uit o( j ruyyed 1 4 thick aiumnum plate for iwo i to mast counting Tin use of large diameter High Q t^aps m the ' SYSTEM 33" makes ¡t # hiyh performing tit bander at U at a VLfy econortncal pnee A complete step bv step UJustfated instruction manual guidts you lu * jsy assembly t^d the JighUvtiight antenna makes installation oi the "SYSTtM 33 tiuick and simple

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