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mfj keyers

Uses Curtis 8044 IC. Iambic operation, dot-dash memories, weight control, solid state keying. RF proof.

The MFJ-408 Deluxe Electronic Keyer sends iambic, automatic, semi-automatic, manual Use squeeze, single lever or straight Key. Speedmeter Jets you read speed to 100 WPM Socket lor external Curtis memory, random code generator, keyboard. Gpiional cable, $4 95 Iambic operation with squeeze key. Dot dash insertion. Semi-automatic "bug" operation pro vides automatic dots and manual dashes.

DoMash memory, self-completing dots and dashes. iam proof spacing, instant start, flf proof, Solid-state keying: grid htock, solid siaie xrmrs Front panel controls: linear speed, weight, tone, volume, function switch 8 to 50 WPM

Weight control adjusts dot-dash space ratio, makes your signal distinctive to penetrate GRM Tone control- Speaker ideal for classroom Function switch sefects off, on, semi automate manual, tune. Tune keys transmitter tor tumng Uses 4 CxfcHs. 2.5 mn> jack to* power (6 9 VDC) Optional AC adapter MFj-1305. $9 95 Eggshell white, walnut sides. 8x2x6 inches. MFJ-406, S69.35, like 408 less speedmeter.


New MFJ*4Q1 Econo Keyer II gives you a reljable, \u\\ feature, economy keyer lor squeeze, single lever or straight key

Has sidelone, speaker, volume, speed, internal weight and tone control Sends iambic, auio-matlc, semi automatic, manual. Tune lunction Oot-dash memories, a 50 WPM "OnLED. Use 9V battery, 6 9 VDC. or 110 VAC with optional AC adapter, MFJ 1305, $9.95. 4x2*3 W.

Reliable solid state keying, Keys virtually air solid state or lube type transmitters mrj fj'fliro

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