Daiwa Rf-670 Speech Processor

DAIWA ingenuity is also evident m the RM-940. an Infrared cordless mobile microphone system. Audio and transmit/receive swrtching are carried on a safe mlrared beam Experience theIreedom of cordless mobile operation Ask you' Daiwa dealer for a demo today*

Microphone: Elecfret Condenser type * Continuous Operating Time: 5 hours minimum ■ Charging Time: 8 hours max • Usable Distance: 3.5 feet microphone Î0 sensor * Power Requirements: Controller - 13.S vdc (w GO ma. Microphone 2 5 vdc ¡'"î 30 ma

Speech Processor RF-670

DAIWA innovative thinking led to the development of I he RF-670 Photocouplor Speech Processor. Its unique design gives your signai i he boost it needs to cut through bothersome QRM Get RF-type processing performance with the RF-67D s economic photocoupler design

Digital Speech Processor For Ham Radio

Clipping Level: 20dB max * Frequency response

300-3000Hz MOdB) * Clipping Threshold: less than 2mV at 1kHz ■ Bandwidth: 24« Hz it 6dB (town * Distortion: less than 3- at ikH/ . op* Qui pol level: 4QmV /tiax • Mike imp,: 600ôOKohms* Power requirement: I3 5v (a 60irta * Dimensions: 90 x 25 * 93 m m

Gutter Mount

GIW500 - Frequency Range: 1 ÖMRi-50 )MH; • Power Rating: 1kw * Dimensions: B6W > i>4H 37D

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