Royal Order Of Hootowls

The Royal Order of Hootowls became a society in June of 1955 with the Llgag" nomination and hand-drawn owl being sent to John Woods W7TMI, after burning the midnight oii with the originator, Lee Singleterry, Sr W7YJE, Dick W7VIC, Gordy W7UFE, and Tad W7WZK rounded out the charter membership, and the granddaddy of 50-MHz societies was born!

The Order became dormant with the passing of Lee, but in 1977h Don Abel! WB5SND located Mrs. Singleterry and was granted permission to reestablish the Order once again, This was completed in 1978 in partnership with Don Verlander WB5VWZ.

The Order is not a net but a society founded to promote friendship and goodwill toward amateurs everywhere, and was developed to enhance and preserve activity on the late Saturday night 6-meter rag-chew

ROHO membership is open lo any licensed amateur who meets the following conditions:

• AM contacts must be made on the 6 meter band and must be point-to-point; contacts by relay are not valid,

• Call "CQ Hootowls" on 50.200 at midnight (2400) local time on Saturday night only,

• Establish and maintain two-way contact with a member station for a minimum of one lull hour starting at 2400 Saturday night and ending not earlier than 0100 Sunday morning, DX sta tions may qualify by making contact with an Owl at any time during the above stated period.

• To apply for the affiliation and membership certificate submit the name, callsign, ROHO number of the member station worked, and the date worked along with your own name, address, and callsign, There is a onetime membership fee ol $2.00.

Make your check payable to Don AbelL 6821 West Avenue, San Antonio TX 78213,

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