Mfj Econo Keyer Ii

The MFJ-401 and MFJ-405 Econo Keyer II from MFJ Enterprises is a new full-feature economy keyer using the Curtis 8044 IC for reliability. The MFJ-401/405 Econo Keyer )l has a much easier to use design and layout than the old Econo Keyer line. All controls are located on the front panel where they are easy to find and use.

The MFJ-401/405 Econo Keyer II has front-panel controls for both speed and volume. The on/off switch and auto/semiauto switch is on the front

Curtis 8044 Keyer
The MFJ-401 Econo Keyer II.
Ten Tec Keyers
The Ten-Tec 2-kW antenna tuner.

panel. This switch lets you use the Econo Keyer III ike a bug or it can be used to make tuning more convenient. A ied LED indicates when the MFJ-401/405 Econo Keyer It is on. It may be used with an internal 9-volt battery or any source of 5-9 V dc. Circuitry is provided for both grid block and direct keying. This features lets the keyer work well with tube-type and solidstate rigs.

The MFJ-405 Econo Keyer II has a built-in clear lucite paddle and a jack on the back for an external iambic paddle. The MFJ-401 does not have a built-in paddle, but all other features are the same.

For more information, contact MFJ Enterprises, Inc., PO Box 494r Mississippi State MS 39762. Reader Service number 478.

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