Amateur Radio Communication At Its Finest

Both Systems Provide

• SIMPLE DIRECT CONNECTION to your Transceiver.

• COMPLETE SYSTEM, built-in Demodulator & AFSK Modulator with keyboard programmable tone pairs.

• SPLIT-SCREEN operation with keyboard selectable line location, • LARGE, TYPE AHEAD text buffer.

• TEN, programmable message memories, plus lD*s WRG S SELCALs, • RANDOM CODE generator & hand key input for practice, * Baudot 60 to 132 WPM.

• ASCII 110 & 300 baud. • SYNC-LOCK MODE for improved ASCII operation. • RECORDER INTERFACE FOR "BRAG-TAPE" or recording off the-air. • CODE CONVERTED Printer output in Baudot or ASCII.

• SSTV/GRAPHICS transmit. * FULL 63 KEY Computer grade keyboard.

There's a certain thrill to using efficient, reliable digital communications equipment on the air. That s the fun of RTTY, Spice up your Amateur Radio opera Eion with the silent video system that does it all. the Microlog ACT-1. Even if you own a home computer and are considering an outboard interface/program, remember, we've put i; al] in one RFI tight enclosure that's ready to go as soon as you power up. And. with the ' Battery-backed memory option, you won't even lose your pre-programmed messages if there's a "blink' in the A.C. The ACT 1 has features that the competition doesn't even have on the draw* ing board! Check for yourself, you could spend a lot more and still come up short.

. y» ZTQnA A/^T 1 The most often asked question we hear is "What s the difference between the ATR

A I K-OOUU VS Al^ 1*1 & the ACM?" The ACT-1 is a dedicated system for RTTY/CW/SSTV, It provides all the functions and features you need for a multi-mode station. Along with this superior "ON-the-AlR performance, the ATR-6800 extends your operation into the realm of automatic station control and computer programming. Plug-in applications modules expand the ATR's memory to add new HAM oriented programs which are enabled by simple keyboard commands. By adding the BASIC option package, you II have pre-programmed fult community mailbox, contest dupe sheet, personal station log, message editor, BASIC computer language and 16k of battery-backed (non-volatile) memory. We also provide a subroutine list so that you can write programs to directly control the ATR-6800 in easy to use BASIC language. The ATR-6800 then is the expandable, "do everything" system where your imagination is the only limit! The ACT-1 is designed for the HAM who needs the essentials of a complete video system for digital communications.


INPUTS Speaks Audio frgirai "R&232

tQQmv mln rrL. Ko?or. Htftd K*y I 12V, ftfl Ohm StwiCo


- V-a\tage haying -Votlige Key Fig ■ ■Merely Refay T.'fi Ctu^g*

AFSK Ttfnff*, Rang*

Sto* 5cv1

40V OC u 300rr.* Mj-1MVPC (J 30mii tfai

JWGVDC ™ 2 .¿OVA M*x . N 0 iNC *Tft ■ H> r 10v 'j 2 jfflp N G A N C ACT T - rTanii»[flf • liVOC u 300 ma GND JtlWT

KeytXMKi Pi&grwnrvri'i 500 <*i It» 300G Hi Mic CoTPpjrirnfl jaSOrm Audio UleCofTiDd1ibi4 *uiiiO lJWHi ft.ack-150CHj. 2KA Hi

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