Comrad Industries Antennas

Com-Rad Industries has just announced the availability of two new antennas in its line of space-saving antennas for fixed and mobile amateur radio operators.

The CR-1011A and CR-6A cover the amateur 10- and 6 meter bands, respectively. Each antenna is a full-sized quarter-wave vertical ground-plane that has been rearranged mechanically to be only 5% of its normal height. It consists of a basic helic element with an ad justable telescoping capacity hat/tuning ring for resonating the antenna to the desired frequency.

Each antenna is constructed of stainless-steel hardware, aluminum helix elements, stainless-steel telescoping capacity hat, and corrosion-proof support structure.

The CR-1011A provides a low-vswr match to 50-0hm coaxial cable over any preselected

400-kHz segment of the 10 meter band, and the CR-6A provides a low-vswr match to 50-ohm coaxial cable over any preselected 700 kHz segment of the 6-meter band.

For price information and further details about these and other antennas, contact Com-Rad Industries, 1635 West River Parkwayf Grand Island NY 14072. Reader Service number 490,

John Edwards KI2U 78 56 86th Street Glendale NY 11385

logjc time

You know, time really does fly when you re having FUÑÍ i can hardly believe it, but this month marks the second anniversary of the FUN J column. That's a lot of riddles and puzzles under the bridge, but it's been a gas. If you've had fun solving the quizzlers presented here, just remember that I've had even more fun creating them. So much fun, in fact, that it feels almost dishonest to take the money Wayne offers—but I really don't have much of a conscience.

J hope you'll enjoy this month's offering: some logic puzzles.

element 1-marc's contest

During a 24-hour contest, Marc can average two contacts per minute from noon to midnight and six contacts per minute from midnight to noon.

How many contacts will Marc average for the entire contest?


A QSO on 20 meters the other night found four hams enjoying an international roundtable. All four operators were of different nationalities and although each could speak two of the four languages—English, French, German, and Spanish—there was no common tongue by which they could all communicate. Complicating matters even further, only one of the languages was spoken by more than two of the amateurs.

None of the hams spoke both German and French.

While Vic couldn't speak English, he acted as a translator for Carl and Dave.

Vic, Carl, and Larry didn't all speak the same language. Dave could speak German, and rag-chewed with Larry, but Larry could not speak German, Name the pairs of languages each ham spoke.


Four hams were standing together after a meeting of the Skunkville ARC enjoying the club's complimentary ' coffee and donuts.1' Suddenly, one of the hams collapsed, moaned "I've been poisoned," and died. His fellow amateurs were arrested and made the following statements under intense questioning (one of the statements is false):

Hertz; I didn't poison him.

I was standing next to Farad.

We had the regular man buy the coffee and donuts.

Ohm: We had a new guy buy the coffee and donuts.

I was standing across from Watt.

The guy who bought the coffee and donuts didn't do it.

Farad: Hertz is a liar. We had a new guy buy the coffee and donuts tonight.

This new guy poisoned Watt.

Ohm is innocent.

Name the murderer.


Repeater station WA2DCS/R has some very touchy users. For instance, five members, whose first names are Harvey, Watiy, Steve, Dick, and Stan, and whose last names in no particular order are Tracy, Walters, James, Phillips, and Lewis, have had so many arguments over the years that they will talk to each other only under the following conditions:

Waiters will speak to only two of the others.

Phillips and Wally won't talk, but Steve and Lewis will.

Stan will speak to all but one, Harvey will speak only to one of the others.

There's only one out of the group that Tracy won't speak to.

There's only one out of the group that James will speak to,

Element 2:

Vic spoke Spanish and French. Dave spoke Spanish and German Carl spoke English and French. Larry spoke Spanish and English,

Element 3: Farad is the killer,

Element 4:

The full names are: Steve Tracy, Wally Walters, Harvey James, Stan Phillips, and Dick Lewis, Tracy will talk to Walters, Phillips, and Lewis. Walters will speak only to Tracy and Lewis, James speaks to Phillips, while Phillips will talk only to Tracy, James, and Lewis. Lewis talks only to Tracy, Walters, and Phillips.

Element 5;

Steve is the engineer, John is a stockbroker, Doug is an author Bob is the airline pilot. John is Bob's son and Doug's nephew. Bob and Doug are brothers.

Element 6:

The General-class operators.

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