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if six-meter operation is your dish, you will be interested in three new antennas recently introduced by Hustler. Inc. The 6-M83 three-element yagi features a 6-dB forward gain while maintaining a front-to-back ratio of 28 dB. Bandwidth for a vswr of less than 2:1 is 2 MHz, and at resonance centered on 50.1 MHz, the vswr is under 1.2:1. The suggested retail price is $69.95.

Model G-3754 is a vertical, endfed collinear, omnidirectional antenna for fixed station use, and is ideal for repeater applications. Bandwidth for a vswr of under 2:1 is 1 MHz and, at resonance, is 1.2:1.

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Hustler's endfed collinear:

Hustler's endfed collinear:

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Gain is 3.4 dB, developed from a tact Hustler, Inc., 3275 North B ,65 wavelength radiator. The Avenue, Kissimmee FL 32741.

The G-3754 and 6-MB3 are constructed of high-grade seamless aluminum tubing and stainless steel hardware for durability and long life.

For mobile use, the new BBL-4554 base-loaded antenna

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