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The 1983 AflRL Rocky Mountain Division Convenlion. In conjunction wim the 51 st WIMU Hamfest. will be held on August 5-7, 19*13. at the Virginian Mo(e: Jackson WY Talk-in on 146 22/.B2 and 3323 kHz. For res ervations, call the Virginian (307) 7332792 For more informal Ion. phone R L "Pele" Sluli WB7AMP at (307>-3829032 or Dave Gregory N7COA at r307h87^5324

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The NEMO ARC ot KtrksvJlIc MO and (he Tri County ARC of MoCerfy MO will hold the 5th annual Norih Missouri Hamfoston Sun Jay, August 7 ^963 ai (he Moberiy Utfniopal Auditorium, Mobetly MO Tne auditorium has 12,000 square feel ol air-condttioned siwce for the inside flea marto! and there will be a limited numbe- of tables avu liable free. Tickets are 5i 50 iri advance orS2 50 at ihr? ooor. Doors wil I open tor the flea market and distributors beginning at BiOQam and lor the namlest from9:00am until 3;00prr There wttfbe forums films, sandwiches and dnnks, as well is donuts and coffee for the early birds Talk-in on 14769/ OS For nKiceinrorma lion and'or tickets, contact Sam Fischer KACILO, PO Bo* 341 Mabarly MO 65270

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