General License Study Guide

Kilobaud Ktassroom

Leam electronics with this hands-on course. This collection of electronics protects starts with simple concepts and takes you on to building your own small computer You'll learn electronics theory and get the practice you need to master digital electronics. 114,95 BK7386 393pp.

A Guide to Ham Radio

Find out what it takes to communicate across the globe. This book answers your questions—from getting a license to setting up your station and broadcasting. You'll tearn to use voice Morse code, teletypet television, and satellites. $4.95 BKT321 43 pp.

Study Guides

Join the hams who know what ham radio is all about 73 s sfutfy guides stress f earning, not memorization, to help you study for the license exams. The General License Study Guide and the Novice License Study Guide provide all the information you need to earn a Novice or General ticket Review quest tons included. Novice License Study Guide 54.95 SG7357 General License Study Guide $6.95 SG7358

The Magic of Ham Radio team about the special hobby of ham radio in this account from a GOyear veteran. Jerry Swank has watched radto grow from the days of Model A spark cot Is to microprocessors and satellites. From his experiences and those of otherst he has written this entertaining and moving account of ham radio history. $4.95 BK7312 155 pp.

The Selectric™ interface

You can turn an IBM Select he I/O writer Into a fetter-quality printer for your computer The SeEectric1 Interface gives you the programs and step-by-step instructions you need tor Selectric models 2740, 2980, and Dura 1041. With slight modification, the instructions will work for various chips 112.37 BK7388 124 pp.

Novice Study Tapes

It's easy to feam Novice theory from cassette. These tapes from the staff of 73 teach you what you need to know to breeze through the Novice written exam. Topics include theory, FCC regulations, operating skills, and setting up a station and getting on the air. $15.95 CT 7300 Set of 3

Behind the Dial

You can have access to everything behind the dial< including government communications. This guide covers designing and using a receiving installation for the tfr$t 100 MHz of the radio spectrum Included are electromagnetic spectrum, surveillance, station layout, antennas, and more. $4.95 BK7307 57pp.

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