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Easy Berardi Building

You can count on this simple frequency counter from Arizona,

Fakeparis Ww111c90 Circuit Diagram

Front view.

foseph Berardi 14213 N, 38th St Phoenix AZ 85032

made counter uses the very popular Intersil ICM-7216-D counter chip and the Fair-child 11C90 prescaier. Just add a feu discrete components, some LED displays, another three ICs and we have a very professional-looking frequency counter, I built this counter on a 3"x6" printed circuit board and installed it ¬°in a small lightweight enclosure. The counter design is essentially lifted right out of the appli-

f/g. 1 Operating range of the 11C90L

This is a construction article for building a very simple, high-quality frequency counter My home-

PC board, foil-side viewi Table 7. Wiring guide.

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