Mcm Electronics Catalog

MCM Electronics Cenierviiie. Ohio, a parts and accessories distributor to the electronics industry, hag pubfished their 1904 catalog

Th^1 120-page catalog contains more than 4h500 parts and accessories. Featured are over 500 new Items, Including an expanded line of computer parts, new styll, and video parts. Also included are a new line of magnetrons for microwave-oven repair, new test equipment such as the Tgnma 20-MH£ dual-trace oscilloscope and a ^arge sesecNpn of Japanese semiconductors

For a free copy of the 1984 MCM Caia< logr can (oil free (900^43^330 [in Ohio call fSOO>762-4315} For more information, conlaci MCM Electronicst 858 E. Congress Park Dr., Centerville OH 45459; {513)434 0031. Reader Service number 480

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