Hong Kong Awards

HARTS meets every Tuesday at 1700 local, excluding public holidays, at the China Fleet Club. Arsenal Street, Wan-chai, Hong Kong Island.

Nine Dragons Award

This award is given for one contact with a country in each of Ihe following 9 zones: 13: 19, and 24 to 30. Conlact for zone 24 must be a VSG. Stations within the 9 zones require 2 contacts In each zone, with 2 VS6 contacts. Only contacts after January 1, 1979. are valid. Fees are U5 S3, Australia $3. 1 pound 50 pence England postal order, or 24 IRCs.

Firecracker Award

This award Is given for six contacts with different VS6 stations, Stations in zones 18, 19. and 24 to 28 require 10 coniacts with different VS6 station? Only coniacts after January 1, 1964, are valid. Fees are US$2. Australia £2, 1 pound England postal order, or 10 IRCs.

Usual Conditions

Certified log extracts only—no QSL cards are required. Payment to be made in cash—no bank drafts. Postal orders to be left blank. Claims to: Awards Manager, HARTS. GPO Box 541, Hong Kong.

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