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S-f Amateur Radio /erfice/

A^so Available c\oof Space 51' Wide oy 30" Deep


43B4 KEYSTONE AVENUE ■ CULVER CITY, CALIF. 90230 - PHONE (213) 837-4870

For HT owners operating inside a vehicle and wanting increased T/R range, RF PRODUCTS has the low cost solution,

Remove your BNC antenna from the HT and mount on the RF PRODUCTS BNC magnet mount, instaii the magnet mount on the roof topand connoct the BNCco-ax connector.

The magnet mount (part no. 199-445) has 10 feet of small (5/32") co ax with BNC connector attached and is priced at S15.95 (including sh<ppmg by UPS to 4fl states). TO ORDER ■ send $15,95 money order or cashiers check only

Fla. residents add 5% tax. for air U PS add Si .50

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