Veterans Day Special Event

The Armored Force Amateur Radio Na tionwide Emergency Team (A FAR NET) win sponsor a Veterans Day achvity for the amateur community on the weekend oi November 10 and 11 1934. Member stations will participate as special-Ā«rent sta tions tor ihe net A special commemorative certificate will t>e available w all amateur stations that make contact with one member station Net stations/.ill operate on the Veterans Day weekend from 1200 GMT on Saturday. November 10, 1984 through 2400 GMT on Sunday November n, T984.. Primary frequencies will be as follows. 7285 kKiP 14,325 kHz, 21.375 kHz, and 26,640 kHi (pfus or minus QRMk To obtain the ceMiflcale. send a QSL and a large SASE' lo ihe net's managerĀ« Alfred G. Beullei, 36 Manchester Rd. Easl Aurora NY 14052

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