Remember ihe advertising bit about "Who put eight tomaloes in that lit lie billy can?" 1 ihink t iinow who did it. and I hey now work for YaesuJ The ft-a-tures packed into Yaesu s FT-726R go beyond ihose of the early ail mode '-(¿s io crearf- a tru^ impressive Fado A gian.;-^ al the J' nt r-inel * r,ds controls ü^ual . a&SOcidttitf H^atr. an aovanced HF -ig falh er than a VHF one, One's choice of options centers largely around band preference« raiher than operating modes or signal processing More about thai m a momeni

The ft 726R comes with 2 P;!iir, as standard equipment, with provisions for installing two optional modules tor other t>anda. Available modules include those for HF 115, 12t 11. or 10 meiers), E meters, and 70 cm [430-440 MH; or 440-450 MHz) with thinly veiled rumors ol forthcoming 220- and 1296-MHz modules Thf- optional satellite module permits lull-duplex CTbSSb-md operation vra ÜSCAFl or F^S satellites. Operation on LSB, USB. CW, and FM ¡s standard No optional speech processor or noise blanker here both are standard As m most digitally tuned rigs there are two vtos plus memot es .iiong a itn scanning features. A microprocessor Veeps tra-:*< of tie mode of operation 'tnd confols tne memory and scanning fonc tion^ Receiver performance s enhanced by conrrolr tor aac time constant. M ^hif|r i-f width, rf gain, audio rone, ana clanfier I,nth. Provision Is made for installation ol a CW filter.


The revicj* unit was equipped for ihp satellite enthusiast and casual operator on 2 meters arid 70 cm Modules for 2 m^: ters. HF and 70 cm installed alonj rt.'h the satellite unji ar.-.t 1 300-Hj Cv- h.-ter «.mode Even after op^r ating a variety oH ^ear over tne years, my mitiaJ reaction 10 Ihe f^cni pane' «a^ one ol mild panic—how could I master fill those (4V) controls? A look at Ihe rear panei. though, found it surprisingly 1 clean1' with lacks tor key. SOO-Ohm audio output, external speaker, external push lortalk. and power. Each module has two rear-panel jacks ihe separate coaxial connettorr-, that allow bandswltching without swapping cables, and companion 3.5-mm jacks which provide ground-on transmit to energize ah 1?eternal amplriier on the appropriate band Ji was reassuring to find a lype N roan fitting on Ihe 70cm module.

it didn'i take ong to hnti room fo1 ihe 726—can replace six boxes m my snac^' A cJosei look at the front panet and pe^sai ot the opefahng manua: snowed that ihe controls are logically grouped, and iaier operating bore that out Don t think you can make this radio do all its tricks Without looking al the manual, though.

A word on the manual tisell is In order here Ii is definitely -in operstinQ manual There is hO theory ol operat ion or del a I led parts laypui Complete installation and operating instructions, schematics, and block diagrams art: included, as well as procedures lor IftfttaJlallon oi options The only fault 1 (ould find wilh the manual turned up wnefl I tried tc operate through OSCAR 10 and the 726 Seemed to get "corv fused/' ft turns out that when operating crossband tutl-duplex, the uplink and downlink modules must both oe ir CW or both be m SSB A L.SB.'USB mn wor^s a CWiSSfl combination does nol Tr-^ manual ;sn 1 ioo clear on this

OSCAfl 10 o[--.-itiOf' good when u&mg a TS eiement linear yagi on 435 MHi and rny four-yagi EME array with tower mounted pr^arnp on rne downlink. A later attempt on Field Day was not so success ful when UBlnf] the ■-nnrj uplink antenna and a 10-elemoni ' twist1 downlink antenna with no proamp Reasonable perlor-mance couio probably be expected ¿nth circular poJarliation on uplink and a downlink system between the extremes tried here

Moonbounce operation proved the AOrth ot ¡he t shift and width controls and the 20-h: clarifior steps tn ennancinq weaX-signa readablllly The results weft-so dramatic tha^ 1 d dn t even try ihe outboard audio '»tier I usuair, use Semi break-in CW 15 smooth at about tB wpm but the deiav is too snort for the slower speeds use-j un EME —the extern P:: could be wired with ,a loggie switch to gal .around (his. Incidentally it appears that a variable resisior (VR07 on the tx unit) con Irois break-in delay, but ¡1 isn't mentioned anywhere (Nor Is VH08. which controls sidetone volume Operating manual rr-t member^,

The 725 pressed into Service on 70 cm during control operation from a hi 11 top near Ithaca NY inr^rrnod problems from an FM station 2 miles away on the ne*i hill disappeared whfjn we substituted the FT 726R for our usual 432 rig Receiver sensitivity seeded good .ma tne rransm>ii^' jrove a soiid'Stiie amplif=er nicely Tht? other operaiors in >ur mui-i-op effort m.^--tered the ng s essentia! comroia qurckiy and easily

Assorted Pluses and Minuses

The CW filter has Its own front-panel y

Mizuho MX-62 controls

80 73 Magazine ■ November, 1984

control and (tiki's qreatf Hats off to the engineer who gave the filttir m/out choice to Che operator and made clockwise rotation of the turvri{j knob mcrease frequency. On the negative side I found the CVr sidetone dicky lo the point of being slightly annoying especially in headphones £ few spurious signals turned up in the HF region even when the antenna a as replaced with :t l]ood 50-Ohm load. The Spurs didn t show up on 2 meters or 70 cm. Power-'ine noise had to exceed S3 on the S meter before the blanker had an effect Suprismgiy the blanker could do nothing Aith ignition norse 'rorn my neign-bor's lawn mower It's obtious that noise rise time and level both determine how effective the blanker will be

The Bottom Line

Overall the FT 7?6R geis very good marks Any faults I have noted are minor in comparison to its performance and features, It Is evident that a iot of common-sense thinking went Into the design of this rig. Learning to son GUI all the controls was painless with the aid of the manual. The abiiily to hop back cind forth between a 10-meter sporadic-E opening jnd 432 MHj activity at the Hip of a switch is quite remarkable Evt*n while writing ¡his, I'm letting the rig sCliMi the various calling frequencies m hopes th^i one oi the bands will open1

For further deta ^ite or ran Yaest. Eiec ironies Carpet at tort 6851 Wattha/f iVav Paramount C£ W723j2nr633 4007 Reader Serv.ce number 476

Richard R Famian K2QR Endicott NY

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