Patricio Fernandez H. CE3GN Ceramic a Espejo S.A. Caile Maipu 269 Cast Ha 14781


On the 21 st of August, Rogelio Gomez CE3GF, president of Radio Club de Chile, gave me a phone call and told me: Patricio, this is itl The Navy has finally authorized the expedition. Vou have exactly ten days to organize everything and that Includes the training of the operators who, although licensed hams from the Navy, have had very little experience in DXing and only spotty knowledge of the English language,

Under those circumstances, the task was formidable! We had too many negative factors: in addition to having very little time to train the operators and gather up ail I he necessary gear, we had to try to convince a number of directors and members from our radio club who did not wish to support or collaborate with a expedition of this nature. Radio Club de Chile had been in close contact with the Chilean Navy authorities {who are in charge of the island} for over 7 years, trying to get approval for the San Felix visit, and now that we had It, loo many people thought

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