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Fig* Í. The Kb Edge t termina tor. orgray-linat indicator.

sunrise! The terminator seems to duct ' signals long disiances, wiihout losing strength. Thr- combination ot these changes m ihe ionosphere rs pfi^n super propagation, for a few minutes.

The improvemenl over "normal" propa gation can be Incredible^ Signals can come up 40-60 d8 In seconds and fade )ust as fast. But during that short time, Wowf What DXf

It s easy to lake advantage of the termi nator—just t>e on your radio at local sun-nse an-ii sunset vour local newspaper fjrobabiy has Ihe sunrise and sunset times for your hometown. Tunc- around the bands stanmg about a hall hour before the termination This will give you a feeling for what Is on the band and how strong Ihe signals are, Then you'll be able to tell when the enhanced propagation starts- II doesn't make much difference what band you choose; alt benefit from ihe termma^ tor or gray line Try different bands on different days. Of switch icujckly) from one to another. When you hear signal strengths begin to increase, siart caitrng CQ or call some DX station in a piteup. And Keep your logbook handy!

The terminator effect varies wilh your latitude, or distance from the equator. For once in amateur radio, (hose In the higher latitudes get a break: The gray line lasts much longer tho larther from ihe equator you* station located Th;s is caused by the angle the sun makes aga nst the hori ion as it sets Neap (be equator the sun sets straight do#n Anyone wnc has ever vstled tropical Countries cannot help but notice how quickly the day turns into-night. Up m ihi? higher ¡alludes however, twilight drags on lor hours. (Above the Arctic Circle, it cari last for days!}

So DXers In Florida, southern California, and Texas won'i gain as much Irom Ihe benefits 01 the terminator as those DXers brave enough to endure I he wilds of the north couniry Hew Engfand the Pa-clllc Nonhwest, and W9*. In Fact, those of us unfortunate enough to live In the Caribbean gel only minimal gams from the leiml nator.

At Ihe higher latitudes, the gray line ef-feci lasts much longer than at lailtudes nearer the equator, but the effect is less obvious. In ihe tropics the gray line pro ^ides only fleeting moments of great DXt but Ihose moments are well worm the effort to jet out of bed early

Case in point; r was up wen belore dawn at my home In Mpntserrat, in the »Vest Indies The rocal weaiher nei convened soon alter sunrise, ana i was ail tuned up on ?$ meters, (When you live in tht hurricane belt and own radio antennas, you spend a lot ot time monitoring the weathor!) The amplifier was off; no need Ioj power to talk lo the locals Way in the background 3 could just hear H440X, from ihe Solomon Islands, running WGs Sunrise approached.

Suddenly H44DX's signal strength began to build S4. S6, over $9! on 75 meters! Even withoul Ihe ampjiha/. i tossed my call into ihe pjieup. Back he came, VR2ML this Is H44DX. Boy are you loud! What are you running?" Almost as fast as I apologized for running 100 Watts into a low dlpole, the signal slrenglhs began to ebb. H44DX faded away into the noise. As soon as I signed, KV4FZ, amplifier tan noise In the background, with a huge 75-meier venical ground plane sticking into trie Caribbean, jumped on the frequency and called H*4DX He calted and called. Noihing, H44DX had disappeared completely.

I don't gei many chances to beat oul Herb KV4FZ on 75 meters, but lhanks to the terminator, I have Solomons confirmed on 75 before he does. Those at higher laittudes won't have as

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