Crystal Filter Sale

Top-quality 8-pol» CW/SSB/AM FOX TANGO inters


Also DRAKE R-4C/7 Lfn^ COLLINS 75S-3B/C, and \COM (FL44A Type)

All RegularS60filters NOW Only S49.50

AN Regular $110 filters NOW Only 199.50

All Regular$170 Matched-Pair

Flit« Kits NOW Qniy 39 pair

AN Fi Uer-Cascadi ng Kits NOW Only (75 each

Quantify discount« when sent to one address f$xcfading mBtch«d-pair kits)

Any two units (filters, cascading kits, or combos) .. , < -, . ,. ► ♦ ► . . . 10% OFF

Any three units or more (as above) 1S% OFF

Hurry! Sate ends May 1,1985

FOX TANGO filter bandwldths range from 125 to 6000 Hi with center frequencies to match your rig. Most fillers are drop-In or plug-In type; some patch-In. Maiched-pair filter kits are avaliable for P&2Qt TS83G/ 930 and FT-9S0; filter cascading kits for TS430/5ZQ/ 820, FT-101/101 ZDn 07J901 -2, Heath SB-104A. For complete details send us a business-size SASE marked "FT Filter Sale" and your rig's Make and Model Number, Or to save time, phone lor information and order directly. We accept VIS A/MC or ship C,O.D. in US,

FOX TANGO FILTERS contain eight specially treated and aged discrete crystals, unlike ceramic or monolithic corner cutting designs. An implant or transplant with a tfme-tested FT filler or cascading kit will give your rig new life. Our best advertisements are thousands of satisfied users — check out our claims over the sir — you lf learn that FOX TANGO Is best! Our filters cost less and are guaranteed longer — ONE YEAR — order with confidence. Why risk disappointment with some unknown or unproven brand?


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