ASCII, this bit svnc occurs naturalh u itli each stop

* * i bit, But with the synchronous ARQ code as used in AMTOR. which has no start/stop bit, a very sophisticated decoding algorithm is required so that minor Iimint: differences between two terminals can he quickly compensated for. W ithout this, synchronous < ode operation is eventual!) lost as the two

T\ dictai communications technique oi continually adjusting un internat clock to match the received signals bit rate.

clocks "lose"' each other. Our new high sample rate "bit sync" AMTOR algorithm can follow timing errors far in excess of expected system clock variations. It is of course, compatible with al] known S1TOR AMTOR protocols and will allow operation with systems previously impossible because of clock deviations, This tracking is fully automatic and does not require typing control commands to manuall) alter system timing as required in some programs.

If you ow n an Air-1 with AMTOR, we will supply you with an updated set of "high rate bit svnc AMTOR H-" ROMS plus as a bonus, a disk which contains the real-time disk communicator and ASCII Tokenizer programs for sending programs over the air. Just send in your present ROMS (two 2764 s with their labels intact) and $35. We'll rush you the new ones.

If you have an Airdisk. send it with S10 for the update. Send to Microlog Corporation, 18713 Moonev Drive, Gaithersburg, Ml) 20879. Tel: 301 258-8400.

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