Highperformance Receiver Modules

FUA Sho»n

R144/R220 FM RCVRS f0r2M or 220 MHz. O.i 5uV sens.: 8 pofe xtal filter S ceramic filter in H helical resonator front end for exceptional selectivity, more than -100 dBat ±12 kHz. best available today. Flutter-proof squeich. AFC tracks drifting xmtrs. Xtal oven avail. Kit only S138.

R451 FM RCVR Same but tor uhf.Tuned line front end, 0.3 uV sens Kit only $138.

R76 FM RCVR for 10M+ 6Mt 2Mt 220. or commercial bands. As above, but w/oAFC or hef. res. Kits onty S118. Also avait w/4 pole filter, only $98/kit

R110 VHF AM RECEIVER kit f Of VHP aircraft band or ham bands. Only S98.

fl110-259 SPACE SHUTTLE RECEIVER, kit only $98,

T51 VHF FM EXCITER for 10MH 6Mh 2Mt 220 MHz oradjacent bands. 2 Watts continuous, up to 2Vt w intermittent, $68/kit.

T451 UHF FM EXCfTER 2to3 Wattson450 ham band or adjacent treq. Kit only S78.

VHF £ UHF LINEAR AMPLIFIERS- Use on either FM or SSB. Power levels from 10 to 45 Watts to go with exciters 4 xmtg converters. Several models Kits from $78

A16 RF TIGHT BOX Deep drawn alum, case with tight cover and no seams, 7x8x2 inches. Designed especially for repealers S20

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