column from Korea, here are some of the h&mredio club activities In Korea,

AAflCK (Amencan Amateur Radio Ctub —Korea) This group, made of of US Forces military and civilian personnel stationed in Korea, meets on the second Saturday of each month and provides a well-equipped dub station ^HLSTX] for the convenience of US soldiers who are unable to set up their own stations due to space limitations or who are here for a short period of lime Membership is open to anyone. Club president Craig Nicholson HL9NC operates as net control for the Far East Net on Sundays (0100 UTC— 14.285 MHz) and airs lhe Wwtflnk tapes (0130) for the benefit of hamii all over the Far East and Southeast Asia, AARCK also operates the QSL Bureau for HL9 hams. Address tor club and for OS La to HL9 hams only- American Artv aieur Radio Cfub—Korea. dependent Mall Sec Hon, APO San Francisco 96301.

SlARA iSeoul tntetnatioriot Amateur Radio Association? Ttiis rapidiy-growing group was organized for the following two purposes to promote friendship between Korean hams and hams from other countries who reside in the Seoul area through regular meetings, nets, and social activities. and to promote reciprocal licensing agreements between the Republic of Korea and other countries

While success in the second purpose seems to be some time in coming, the first purpose is rapidly being realized. A net trepan al 0700 UTC on 21.288 (88 for the BB Olympics to be held in Seoul) on Saturday, January 12.1985. Check Ins are welcomed from anywhere. Net control is Tom Nlckle (VU3GNM} operating his local station HL&XX. if you are interested in contacting this group, you may write to me at the address at the head of this column if you Irve In the Seoul area and would like to call, Ihe number ts 734-atti during wording hours This :S an nte^ratioria» group and anyone of any nationality with a li cense or interest in amiteur radio is welcome

In 1984. KARL (Korean Amateur Radio League) got a new slate of officers and has expanded greatly. My next column will feature this progressive and active organization

Till then, 73 from Korea, the Land of the Morning Cafrn,

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