430-450MHZ transceiver will give you maximum UHF operation ipare mdard

430 " 450MHz Variable tuning steps, SKHz and I KHz; SSB 10Hz, 50Hz and lKHz standard), fC-£X3J0 voice

75 Wans, The IC-47IH pro- • 32 full-function Memories vides 10 to 75 watts of adjust- with lithium battery backup able power in all modes. This • 75 Watts, fully adjustable enables adjusting the drive on all modes ir S

level to a linear amplifier for • 32 built-in Sutaudible Tones [V f™

higher power uses such as • ^^^^ S6 desk mic PLUS a va-

moonbounce For a portable ♦ Scanning systenfi|M»^ ■

UHF station, the optional Memories, Modes or Pro-

IC-PS35 internal power supply grammabie Band is available • RIT/XIT with separate readout

[H and the 25 watt AG-35 Man Mounted IC-271A are also available.

mic and riety of power supplies the IC-PS35 internal power supply, the IC-PS30 system power supply or the

S-Meter and Center Meter • IC-HMI2 Microphone w/th Up/Down Scan M WW x power supply.

JC-47IH With ÎC-PS3S Interru^J Rawer Supply Installed

(COM America, Inc., 2380-fl6th Ave NE, Selfevue, WA 98004 / 3331

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