MFJ-1229 Engineering, pertorm-

anca. value and fsatu/es sets MFJ s most advanced RTTV/ASC II/ AMTOft/CW computer interfaceapan from others FM (limiting mode easy trout}!e-1ree operation. Best for general use, off-shitt copy, drifting signals and moderate signal and QR'J! levels AM inon-limitingi mode gives superior performance under signal conditions or when there are strong nearu> stations Crosshair mart-space LEO tuning array simulates scope ellipse lor easy, accurate tuning even under poor signal-iQ-noise conditions Mark and space outputs 'or true scope tuning.

Transmits on twtti 170 Hz and 850 Hr shift. Built-in RS-232 interface,no extra cost Variable shift tuning lets you copy any shift between TOO an a ^000 Hz and any speec (fMOO WPM RTTY/CW ano up to 300 baud ASCI * Push Dutlon for 170 Hi shift. Sharp mult^poie mark and space filters give true mark-space detection Ganged pots give space passoanc tuning Mh constant Dandflidth Factory adjusted trim pots for optimum filter performance Multi-pole active filters are used tor pre-hmrter. mark, space and post detection filtering. Has automatic threshold ejection This advanced ces-gn gi*jes good copy uncer QRM weak signals and selective fading

Has front panel sensitivity control Normal/Reverse switch eliminates retumng -mriiIe checking ior inverted RTTY Spea*er kat* +250 VOC loop output

Exar 2206 tine wave generator gives phase con imuous AFSK tones Standard 2i25 Hz mar* anc 22% 297h Hi space Microphone lines out AFSK ground, PIT out and PTT ground FSK keying for traruceivAri with FSK input Has sharp 800 Hz CW fitter, plus arc minus CW kevng and external CW key fac> Kantronics software compatible socket Exclusive TT'LyRS-232 general purpose socket allocs interfacing to nearly an; persorai computer witn most appropriate software Available TTL flS-232 lines RTTY demOG DlT Ca ae~oc Out |TTi only). CW-ID m. RTTY m PTT m key in All signal lines are buffered and can bem-«erted using an interna D!F sa Tch Metal cabinet. Brusnes aluminum front 1 T-fi* riches 10 YDC or HO VAC * tn optional AC adapter. Mf j-1312. S3 95 Plugs between ng and C-6i VlC-20. Apple TRS 80C. Atari, TI-99 ana other personal computers Use MFJ. Kantromcs, AEA and other RTTY/ ASCII/AMTOR CW software


Greatly Improve your RTTY copying capabilities. Adda crosshair LED Tuning indicator that makes tuning quick, easy with pin-point accuracy. Add mark and space outputs for scope tuning. Add LEOs that indicate 170, 425, 850 Hz shifts, Great for copying RTTY outside ham bands. Add sharp mark and space inters to improve copy under crowded/weak conditions. 170, 425, 850 Hz shifts. Add Normal/Reverse switch to check for inverted RTTY without retuning. Add output level control to adjust signal into your terminal unit. Add a limiter to even out signal variation for smoother copy. Unit plugs between your tuner and receiver. Mark is 2125 Hzr space is 2295, 2550 or 2975 Hz. Measures 10x2x6 In. and uses floating 18 VDC or 110 VAC with AC adapter, Mf\M312, $9.95.


Switch to 24 hour UTC or 12 hour Format! Battery backup. 10 timer alerts every 9 minutes after reset, fled .6 In, LEDs* Synchronise to WWV. Alarm. Snooze function. PMi, alarm on indicators Grav/Black cabinet, 110 VAC, 60 Hz.

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