Stuck with a problem?

Our TE-12P Encoder might be just the solution to pull you out of a sticky situation. Need a different CTCSS tone for each channel in a multi channel Public Safety System? How about customer access to multiple re* peater sites on the same channel? Or use it to generate any of the twelve tones for EMS use. Also, it can be used to access Amateur repeaters or just as a piece of ver satile test equipment. Any of the CTCSS tones may be accessed with the TE-12PA, any of the audible frequencies with the TE-12PB. Just set a dip switch, no test equipment is required. As usual, we're a stickler for 1day delivery with a full 1 year warranty.

* Output level flat to within 1.5db over entire range selected.

* Powered by 6-30vdcp unregulated at 8 ma.

* Low impedance, low distortion, adjustable sinewave output, 5v peak-to-peak.

* Instant start-up.

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