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dramailc a difference, but (he difference «hi be real, nevertheless. The terminator can give you that extra edge you need Iq make contacts when others can't.

The terminator works both ways, Not only do you enjoy ennartced radio propa gallon at local sunrise and sunset, but so, too, does the DX station. His signal strength wril increase at your location wften it is sunrise Of sunset at his QTH This means you can lake advantage pi the («rmmaior regardless of local time

The 1tick in to ¡-now the Sunrise artd sun-se* times at various places around tne «orld. Your loci newspaper will not hFst terminator limes ol Moscow, for example Two reia!ivety Inexpensive ways to deter mine «hen the sun will rfse or set at arty place in the world are the OX Edge and the KI Edge (Ttie firsl is a registered trademark o! Xantec, Inc., the latter is copyrighted by K1K|.j

Bolh cl ihese DX aids graphically depict thn Sunlit find dark portions of the earth, at various times of the day, at various days of the year. By setting the OX Edge for the correct time/date, or looking at the current Kl-Edge the DXer can see exactly where the terminator falls—what countries lie along that line of enhanced radio propagation.

Both OX aids are reasonably priced, less man 520 will cover the costs The DX Edge includes a map of me world and a series or overlays for each month You set the current UTC time with The conecl month, and presto!, there's the terminator line The Kl-Eoge is specific lor each toca tlon and month and t>enefits contested more than OXers but a complete set of the enure year is still cheap And the K1-Edge features a Great Circle injection eemered at or near your QTH. much more familiar to hams than the Mercator map o! ihe DX Edge For more information on ihese DX operating aids, send a sell-ad dressed, slamped envelope to: the Dx Edge, PO Sox 834, Madison Squate Stn „ Mew York NY 10159, or Kl-Edge, PO Bo* G2, Lfnlonville CT06085.

No matter which DX aid you use, the m suits are the same. You look at which countries will fall under the terminator when you are on the air Either 3end a di-rectionai CO or listen specifically tor sta-lions at>ou1 to pass under me terminator. You can compare two consecutive hours on the Kl-Edge+ or move the appropriate overlay to the next hour with the DX E d to see trie direction of movement of the sunrise or sunset line

Does It work? In a word, yes You nave a better chance of contacting a station when me terminator passes (hat station's location than at any other time You can take advantage of the gray-line effect, even if the other staiion knows nothing about the terminator. Just be on an appropriate band at the rigtii time, and listen in the right direction.

How well does rtils work? From per sonal experience. I car testily that follow Ing the terminator Is well worth (he DXer's while One of my most memorable experi' ences in DXIng was staying up fill night to work Russians on 75 meters, as the dawn lermlnator swept across Asia

Thanks to the organisational efforts of an active German amateur l spam an enjoyable night running Russian stations from VP2Mt_ on 3642 kHz. As the sun rose over each consecutive country tne signal strengths of Ihe stations in that country would rise up out of the noise, and I -vould work them. Dozens and dozens of stations from rare Russian countries, all lined up for their chance at Montserrat on 7S And ail J had to do was stay on hequency and wait for the propagation boost o> the terminator. Hour after hour I worked across the continent, tilling page alter paqt ot ihe logbook, and giving many fiiuasian stations their firsl 75-meler contaci with Montserrat. IT was a ni^hr weN Spent

While you might not be atlle to duplicate this performance (the FCC Irowns on stateside phone operation on 3642 kHz, and Ihe US is not quite as rare on Ihe bands as VP2M). anyone t;an en|oy the enhanced propagation of the gray line. Just pay attention to the sunrise^sunsei times at the other end as well as your end And good DXing!

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