Te Systems 4410g Manual

TE Systems has announced Ihe availability of its new high-power UHF linear rf amplifier model 4410G which incorporates a high-quality GaAsFET preamplifier within the rf PA unit. The unit operates over the 420-450-MHjr band and is particularty useful for OSCAR work. The rf power amp delivers 100 Watts mi nimum output power tor 10 Watts drive and is compatible with all transmission modes (FM, CW, SSB, ATV). T/R switching sensitivity js rated down to Watt. The front panel allows the operator to select the various operating Options: PA on but no preamp, preamp on with PA off, etc. A 30-page manual accompanies the unith describing it in detail. For more

Silicon Ephemeris

Silicon Ephemeris provides tabular data output to the screen, printer, or disk file for the following operating modes: 1 observer to 16 satellites, 16 observers to 1 satellite. schedule for 1 observer to i satellite, window between 2 observers and 1 satellite, rise and set times for 1 satellite, time-ordered rise and set times for 16 satellites, almanac for sun and moon, 16 observers to sun/moon, schedule for 1 observer to moon, window between 2 observers and moon, schedule for one observer to sun. Requires an IBM PC, PC/XT. PC/AT, PC/jr, or true compatible.

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