Midian Electronics Dtcs And

Midi an Electronics nas introduced two products for mobile radio service, the DTCS-i DTCSS encoder/decoder and me 6TD-1 Burst Tone Decoder

The DTCS-1 piogrammapie DTCSS on cooer'decOder to compatible *ith Digital Private Linetv. Digital Channel Guardâ„¢ Digital Quiei Channel'*. anti Digital Call Guard'* The 0TCS-1 employs the 64 sian* dard digital codes plus additional non standard codes and uses a 134-H* turn oh tone

The BTD-1 Burst Tone Decoder features operation over a wide input range After a burst Is decoded, a 2400 H* lone alerts the user. Momentary and latched outputs are provided which will drive a horn, a call light, or some other indicating device

For more Informaiion aboul eiiher of these Median producis, contjct Midian Electronics, Inc . 2302 East 22nd Street, Tucson AZ 85713

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