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ICOM Automatic HF Antenna Tuner

AH-2 System Antenna Efement

AH-2a Tune Unit

IC-735 All Band

H F Transceiver

Controller Unit

The AH-2a car» be pur to accommodate the ham who already has a bumper mount and whip antenna, or the apartment/ condo dweller who wants to match a random wire.

ICOM presents the AH-2 automatic antenna tuning system for the IC-735 all band HF transceiver. The AH-2 Is Ideal for mobile operators since there Is no manual antenna tuning needed.„an advantage In Inclement weather. Also« the AH-2 system enables auto tuning in areas where antennas are limited, such as apartments and condominiums.

panel of the AH-2a controller unit the contro/ler automatically tunes from IQ to 80 meters in less than six seconds. It can also be used on the !6Q

- . ~ _ . r . - _ , . * irJks meter band with an extension of the stainless steel whip.

The AH-2a tuning unit is housed In a durable weather-resistant case and is capabie of storing tuning information for eight different frequencies. Ret reiving tuning data from the memories is accomplished in less than one second I

use to match frequencies from 3,5MHz to 30MHz. Thesyscem includes an antenna element, and the AH-2a tuner and controller units.

The AH-2a Tuner Unit enables optimum matching via its built-in 8-bit nifcrocompuier and LC [coj!/ capacitor) circuit More than 260,000 LC combinations are possible

The AH-2a Controller IInil easily attaches to the side of the IC-735 HF trans-By simply pushing the TUNE button on the front

The antenna element includes sturdy bumper which hold the 107 inch stainless steel whfp in place, plus all the necessary hardware.

For the Ideal mobile station, took at the JC-735 transceiver and the AH-2 automatic antenna system...they're quite a match.

The (COM AH-2 System combines advanced matching techniques and rugged construction for indoor or outdoor

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