Acc Software Update

Advanced Computer Controls has released software for its RC-850 Repeater Controller.

Version 3.4 supports multiple telephone tines (including up to ihree lines linked by radio), expands autodial storage to 250 telephone numbers, adds slots for 35-digil dialing sequences,, and offers several modes of paging, such as five-tone sequential, DTMF, CTCSSr and HSC. Analog measurements performed by the controller have been enhanced to include stored low and high vaf-ues on each channel, tagged with the time and the date. The con-(roller also keeps track of internal functions such as number of key* upsor autopatches.

For information about the RC-950 Repeater Controller, or to find out how to upgrade your RC-850 to Version 3,4+ write or call Advanced Computer Controls. Inc..

Microvave Modutes' MML 144/200S.

10616 Northridge Square, Cupertino CA 95014; (408)-749-8330. Reader Service number 153.

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