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Jaws, or The Great White Pointer Shark, has a reputation in most parts of the world for being a large fish, but in VK5, around Port Lincoln, world fishing records involving sharks have been broken time after time. There have been skeletal remains of the Great White Shark in this area recorded as being up to 60 feet long, and some fishermen swear that they are stiil around ai near this length.

There is, nearly every year, some sort of White Pointer attack in these waters. Keep the above in mind as you read the following from Carol VK5PWA. the current president of LEPARC, giving a rundown on their Club Activities for this and next year. They offer an open invitation to call in on your way to the America's Cupt and will welcome with open arms any Americans, especially those from Orange, Texas, their sister state.

They are holding a Hamfest from October 11-13, with all the usual activities, with an added bonus of a trap at the end. for those interested WX permitting, to the Dangerous Reel, the home of the world's White Pointers,


The Lower Eyre Peninsula ARC was formed in late 1978 and over the past years has grown to a membership of 25. Our early meetings were held in members' homes, but with the formation of the local State Emergency Service (SES), we were able to use a room in their building.

We helped them erect towers for joint use and we obtained our

first lot of equipment with the help of the locai Lions Club. However, within a few years the SES opera* tion became much bigger than expected and we were asked to find alternative accommodations Our local Council offered us the use of iand adjacent to the SES compound and offered us a loan of $1,000 to help us establish our facility, We were fortunate in obtaining a caboose for our radio shackt and two disused guard vans for our workshop and storeroom.

We also acquired a 20 by 24 shed—donated, provided that we move it from its site! In March, 85 the concrete slab for the floor was laid, and Easter Monday found all hands on deck to stand our1 'new'1 building up. This structure has now been lined and the ceiling has been installed, together with an overwhelming number of power points. This room was unofficially opened with a flagon of port and paper cups at our June Meeting.

During late 1984 it was decided that as a club we should consider a special project for 1985,1 he joint celebrations of the WIA and International Youth Year. After discussion with some interested students, their schools were asked if they would like to have amateur radio as an elective choice for 1985. Naturally, we were almost killed in the rush, but we decided to limit the groups to 10 per class. The end result was two groups of yeaMO students at Port Lincoln High, and one group of year-9 students at St. Joseph's Convent.

Term 1 was pretty solid—video tapes, lectures, and on-air sessions during the 11-week course, Term 2 has been workshop sessions, recognizing, testing and sorting components. They have also started on a construction project in two parts:

Part 1. A two-valve reaction radio receiver suitable for listening to broadcast and SW bands up to 30 MHz.

part 2. Novice valve transmitter— CW+AM—to be assembled as a supplement of Part 1.

A prototype to receive 80- and 40-meter bands has been constructed and, although lacking in age, was able to resolve all signais heard on an FRG7 receiver for those bands. Students will also take part in the forthcoming contests as 2nd Ops,

Term 3 will be more theory and. after the exams in November, the high spot of the year will be an expedition to Goston Island, a nearby offshore island, Equipment to be used will include the rigs built by the students and an early model rig built by Alf Treager (the fath er of outback pedai radio). Other equipment will also be used to fill out band coverage and thus ensure plenty of contacts.

The venue and dates stili have to be confirmed as we are experiencing quite a number of problems. These are not new to anyone who has tried to organize a similar veniure

We have the support of the South Australian branch of the WIA and we have applied to the Department of Communications

Amateur Radio Live Across The Nuitarbor—September 12( 1985. The Gold fields Amateur Radio Group (Kalgoor1ier Western Australia) welcomes V15JSA Railway Mobile From the left. VKSAQZ (project coordinatorh SWL 60370, VK5ZN, VK6ZGQ. and XYL Susan. VK6ZXandXYL VK6KYL, and (hidden) VK6ZAJi Photos by VK5BPA.

Amateur Radio Live Across The Nullarbor— September 15 198$. Graham Horftn-Smith VK5AQZ hopped out ofhfs berth when the bands opened, (See the March, 1986, issue of 73, Australia columnt for the story.)

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