Frequency Sfliartmty ÎrE: I activity AÜC Range Audio öü pu I

3.8-4 0 M H; 0.5 jjV lor 10 dB SVN - G m fa ? 4 KM; + BO dB rn = + 3 r!G out >350 mW m> 8 ohms



Output 10

Harmonics 2™1 -4/db 3ld -55 cüö SVjfl Immunity 30-1 u • i■ I phase ¡mules alC Amplified, tasl response rate {quasi-processing)

plus S3.oo shipping ana handling


Voltage 20 Vdc regulated Cunebt 2A Irans mil. 65 rtiA receive


RADIO KIT BOX 41 is Grmvilie. HH 03046

RADIO KIT BOX 41 is Grmvilie. HH 03046

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