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Motes; (1) S = 0,25. L1-L2 - open wire line, 4 copper spaced, 4 '\L1 must be exactly same length as L2. (2) L3-L4=RG-213/U or RG-8/U coaxial lines. May be any length but must be exactly the same length, (3) L5 RG-213/U or RG-8/LL L= 162.36/f where f=frequency and L leet. For 21.3 MHz, length of RG-8/U or RG-213/U=7 feeth 7Va inches. (4) Unidirectional pattern may be switched in either of two directions along apex bisector line. Gain overdipote approximately 0-9 dB. (5) Adjust taps on L1 and L2 for zero reflected power at test point A. Adjust each section individually as per text and then recheck entire system in operation. Trim minor adjustments of C1 and C2 as required.

Fig, 2. Eridfire vee beam for ¡5 meters*

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