We Give You the Best In Amataur and Commercial Radios . Call Us. It's Jan KB2BV, Kitty WA2BAP, Mark K2CON

See you at Souttungton, CT April 6 tit LtMARC20tt> Anniversary—April 19th

KENWOOD -,ennas

Cumcraf! Mru-PrxxXxra

TS 43GS,TR-360QA, TM2570A/50A/30A

TW-4000A. Kenwood Service/Repair.

TH21/31/41AT, TM-211A/

— R71A, 751 j, 745, 27A/H, 37A, 47A, R-7i 1271A, 271 A/H, 3200A. 471A/Hf735

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