Kantronies SMARTS

Presenting three intelligent, versatile, compatible terminal units.

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1202 E 23rd Street <913) 842-7745 Lawrence, Kansas 66046

U ' U The Universal Terminal unit (UTU) is the original "Smart" amateur TU. CW, RTTY, ASCII, and AMTOR can all be worked with this single unit. Switched capacitance filters and LED display tuning make using the UTU easy for even the Novice. 12 Vdc 300mv power supply required. Suggested retail $199.95.

UTU-XT The UTU-XT is an enhanced version of the UTU. Programmable baud rates, tone frequencies, and tone shifts give special versatility. Automatic Gam Control anc Threshold Correction circuits greatly enhance sensitivity and selectivity. A RTTY signal detect circuit mutes copy with no carrier, and the CW fitter center frequency and bandwidth are programmable. Power supply is provided. Suggested retail $359.95.

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