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When you think about the enormous shortage of electronic technicians in the United States, you realize that there's lots of opportunities out there for anyone with entrepreneurial leanings to make money. It's so easy for any ham who is realiy interested to make money that I get a bit annoyed when I hear hams compiain/ng about being short of money. It's out there in gobs.

For instance, maybe 15 years ago I recommended that hams interested tn making a few extra bucks could do worse than get into selling alarm systems for homes and commercial buiidings. I heard from quite a number of hams who took my editorial seriously and went into the business part time to start, but soon found it far more remunerative than their old job. Many did very well.

Well, that same business is still out there, waiting for anyone with some gumption to get into the business, Today only 8.6% of private homes have alarm systems. You couldn't ask for an easier market!

You can sell and install alarms—all kinds.

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