Real-voice message system For any repeater or base

Now you can communicate vital information even when the station you are calling is not on the air — with Message Master. Message Master is a solid state voice recording system which can record messages ¡ust by listening to you speak, store messages in memory, and deliver messages on demand. If you can't be there to deliver your messages let Message Master deliver them for you - any messages in any language and in your own voice!

Message Master connects easily to any radio system for remote access: repeaters, base stations, even transceivers . It can even be connected to an autopatch device to exchange messages between your radio system and the telephone network.

Message Master is a multi-user system with mailbox style personalized message service for a hundred users With 8 minutes of message storage it can store hundreds of messages simultaneously making it ideal for large, active repeater groups.

Create messages Just by talking. Message Master's 'real-voice' technique saves YOUR VOICE In digital memory to deliver messages in your own voice, language and dialect.

• Mailbox-style operation gives Individual message delivery service to 100 system users.

• Easily added to any repeater or base station for remote operation with only four connections.

• Special features Include callslgn Identifications, tall messages, and bulletin messages.

• Digital message storage provides Instant playback of stored messages.

• Modular memory meets your exact needs from 2 to 8 minutes of total message storage.

Would you like yourcallsign identifications, tail messages, and bulletin messages sent in real-voice? Message Master can send them too. Record several identification messages and it will even send a different ID each time. Almost like magic, Message Master knows when to send identifications and tail messages so it needs no special control signals from your base or repeater.

Call or write for further information before you make another wasted cal

Commercial users: Ask for a brochure on the Message Master Electronic Dispatcher with group and all call messagtng.

Serving ali your repeater needs

— Mark 4 Repeaters and Repeater Controllers are THE PERFORMANCE LEADERS with real voice, more autodial numbers, more synthesized voice and more features.

— Mark 3 Repeaters offer the winning combination of high performance and high value,

— LR-1 Repeaters boast superb RF circuitry at an economical price.

MR-4 Receivers with 7 helical resonators are the only receivers to choose in harsh RF environments.

— PA-100 Amplifiers with rugged TMOS power FETs give you a continuous duty high power signal*

COMING SOON: A 4-channel receiver voting system which operates on true signal-to-noise ratio to extend your coverage by linking to remote receivers.

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