Model Ttk Aa



• Use ytairenmpuuir toi:ecode tourhtones • ReceivealMfiif^itsas fast can 0u transmiL-

ted • Easily program your computer in BASIC ttf decade mu(tilliq* r 'strings' diBpirjy digfta sound Hlurma. obser^f} seicrat (Mitral relays * Sim pit; to ijpt]. just providi! -M2 VDC and audio, hank two wires to the RS-B32-G serial input on yuur computer enter simph- frASIC program Tie-g n i-j dauode • Sampif BASIC prdgran and . structiors included • DaL^i mdicaTjjr • VUired and tt&ted

• SSiaOl ÜTMFRoxiw * Römrve ■ IB DTMf o^y ts * Ma .jddiimna: filtering • Output BCD or he> forme: • T 2V| a Kit include-, 3 Whr cry^f"- pin Ii r^fiirttor capacnars, data ühöet and cr.h-'itiHtics

• Modult; Fnstolte ir.sida r.r ■■ ■ iriio ir_-ID mtriuiaii- • Bnost audiu ntiyHy Qne watt.1 • Low pnwor drain [4ma stand-by] • Complete btep-by-step instructions irn ludeti * Corrects Uio LOW audio problem! • Drive e«ternal

D -:■-■- prog." amotjle ♦ LED status irrd'Catcr • Opt?" collector output • Control relays, mute audio • Control iinfe an off a Custom IC in--nurea high i el ability S small SLie1 • Fits inside moat ngs: runs on 12 VDC [35 ma] a All 16 digits allow more than 5D.ODQ cuiTfcbinations a M.ifces nKCEllent private call on busy rapeat-arol ■ Usn it to turn on audio or sound an alarm a Mam an tar v tatching oiApiita

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