Robert W, Baker WB2GFF 15 Windsor Or AtCO NJ 08004

CONNECTICUT GSO PARTY Starts: 2300 UTC April 5 Ends: 1900 UTC April 6

Sponsored by the Candlewood ARAh there is a required rest period from 0500 to 1300 on April 6th, Phone and CW are to be considered the same contest.


RS(T), OSO number, ARRL section or CT county.



Club station W10I counts 5 points. Novice QSOs count 2 points. OSCAR QSOs count 3 points, others 1 pomt each. CT stations multiply QSO points by ARRL sections worked. CT stations may work DX stations for QSO points and only one multiplier, multiply QSOs by number of ARRL sections worked plus one DX country. Others, multiply QSO points by number of CT counties worked


include an SASE for results and mail entries by April 30tft, addressed to CAR A c/o R. Diilion N2EFA, RFD jf7t Noel Court, Brewster, N.Yt 10509.

CARF PHONE COMMONWEALTH CONTEST Starts: 1200 UTC April 12 Ends: 1200 UTC April 13

This contest is open to ama* teurs tn all countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, Entrants may work other amateurs in the Commonwealth using SSB only, on 80- through 10-meter bands. Work only stations outside your own call area. Each station may be worked once on each band. Entry classes include single^oper-ator stations in all or single-band classes.


RS report and a consecutive serial number, starting with 001


3.600, 3.760, 7.080, 14.130, 21,200, 28.480 plus or minus 20 kHz.


Each completed contact wilf score 5 points In addition, a bonus of 20 points may be claimed for the first, second, and third con tacts wrth each Commonwealth call area on each band


A plaque will be awarded io the top scoring allband entry, Certificates wil) be awarded to top scorers in each class in each Commonwealth call area.


A valid entry must include log sheets, dupe sheets, a checklist of Commonwealth Call Areas worked on each band, and a summary sheet showing claimed QSO and bonus points as well as final claimed score emulations Summary and call area checklist sheets are available for an SASE. Entries should be mailedi within one month of the contest to: Norm Waltho VE6VW, Box 1890, 9714 94 Street, Morinville, Alta, TOG 1PG Canada. Results will appear in TCA. the Canadian Amateur Radio Journal Nonmembers of CARF may wish to include an SASE with their entnes for a copy o1 the results


The purpose of this contest is to generate and maintain a maximum o1 activity on the six-me ter amateur radio band in any mode or form of communication, tt is also to get as many hams as possible to mountamtop operate or otherwise provide strong signals for intercommunication w^hin our area and, hopefully, nationwide.

tt a good number of six-meter hams get out and on hilltops on the 10th and 11th of May. it will be quite a showing. Imagine the signals and signal reports of cross-confirmed contacts Let's all get out or at least get on the air and have a good time Make it a picnic on as many hilltops or high locations as we can radiate from With a large contingent of Southern California six-meter hams we will hopefully stir the band up for some good sporadic E layer DX.


Based on one point per mode per calJsign. Multipliers based on one per grid square worked.

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