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RG8X 95% Shield (mini 8) RG213/U Mil Spec 96% Shield RG2U/U Mil Spec Silver 8G142B/U Teflon - Silver RG217/U 5/8'' 50Ohm Dbl ShSO. RG223/U Mil Spec. Sliver

ROTOR CABLE - 8 COND. 2 l8Ga.,6-22Ga, 2-16 Ga.n 6-20 Ga Heavy Duty HARDLINE - 1 /T Smooth Afum w/black jacket CorruG d, CoppSf (EO. Hehax LDFl 159.00

CONNECTORS - MADE IN U.S.A. Type N for Beiden 9913 Standard Plug tor RG6. 213 Amphenol PL259 PL2S9 Teflon/Silver Type N for RG&, 213,214 Adapter for RG58

Call or mite tor complete Price List 000 **

Shipping: Cable — t3 00per J00 ft Florida Residents add 5%

Con nec tors — and 10%. S3,00 min im um Ort ers u oder $20 Add S? Ha ndhn ç

Nemaf s new 32-page Cable & Connector Selection Guide now avail ab te at no charge with orders of $50 or more or at a cost of Sd,QG individually

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