SCP30 Super Heavy Duty 30 Amp. Power Supply, etc

Autopatch/Reverse Patch, VW0 & 1 inhibit Dial Pufse Converter ■ Aulodialer

Phone line & ''over iha airp> command modes. Virtually all functions may be turned on/off remotely.

Touch Tone Control Of Timeout Hang Time1, Patch Timeout, TX Inhibit/Reset, Patch & Reverse Patch Inhibit, Reset, P.L. ON/OFF (w/optional P.L board), etc. I Up to 6 Auxiliary Functions. More with TTC30a

Fuji 16 Digit Decoding with Crystal Controlled Decoder IC

■ Unique Courtesy Tones Timeout Warning Tones Automatic CW ID & ID Command Remote Programming of 3 Timers for 2 different timing cycles, or No Time Out licroprocessor Memory 'Battery Backup' M Autopatch AGC (or constant levels Locai Status indication via 12 Function el LED Display

Front panel Touchtone Pad for Local Con trol & Phone line access. Full Panel Metering: Rcve, & Xmtr. functions plus Voltages & Currents New-Improved: RCVR, UHFXmtr,, Power f!

30-75 Watt VHF & UHF Models 10D-150 Watt Final Amps Available


\r controlled repeater

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