Instantly select any antenna or rig by turning a knob. Organizes coax cables and eliminates plugging and unplugging Unused terminals are grounded to protect your equipment for stray RF static and Ugntnmg. 2 KW PEP, 1 KW CW. For 50 to 75 ohm. Negligible loss. SWR, and crosstab gives high performance. SO-239s, Convenient desk or wall mounting MFJ-17D2. $19.95. 2 position!. Cast aluminum cavity construction gives excellent performance up to 500 MHz with better than 60 dB isolation at 450 MHz. Heavy duty, low loss swtkh has 'ess than 20 milliohm contact resistance, less than 0.2 dB loss and SWR below i :1 2 2 x 2Vi x 1 inches MFJ-1701, 529.95. 6 positions. White maskable surface far recording ant positions BV? x Vh x 3 in


This new brealcthru MFJ Antenna Current Probe lets you monitor RF antenna currents—no connections needed! Determine current distribution, RF radiation pattern and polarizatior of antennas, transmission lines ground leaos building wiring, guy wires and enclosures

* Indicate transmission line radiation due to ttjgh SWR, poor shielding or antenna unbalance.

* Detect re-ridlatlon from ram gutters and guy wires that can distort antenna tield patterns,

* Detect RF radiation from ground leads, power cords or building wiring that can cause RFI

* Determine if ground system is effective

* Pinpoint RF leakage in shielded enclosures

* Locate the bast place for you: mofrie antenna

* Li« as tuned field strengbt meter Monitors RF current t>y sensing magnetic field

Uses an electrostatically shielded ferrittr core. FET RF amplifier, op-amp meter circuit toi excellent sensitivity, selectivity 1.8-30 MHz Has sensitivity. bandswitch, tune controls, telescoping antenna for field strenghr meter. 4x2*2 inches

MFJ't best 300 watt tuner is now even better' The MFJ-949C all-in-one Deluxe Versa Tuner Ti gives you a tuner cross-needle WR/Wanmeter dummy load antenna switch and balun in a new compact cabinet. You get quality conveniences and a cltmer-iree shack at a super pri^e

A new cross-needle SWR Wattmeter gives you SWRr forward and reflected power—all at a single glance SWR is automatically computed with no controls to set. Has 30 and 300 wan scale

Run up to 300 watts RF output—and match Ctf ax. balanced lines or random wires from T 8 thru 30 MHz, Tune out SWR on dipoles, vees, long wires, verticals, whips, beams/quads. 10x3x7 in.



Fully automatic Digital SWR/Wattmeter reads SWR 1:1 to 1 9 9 directly and instantaneously - no SWR knob 10 set, Huge 0,6 inch bright orange digits make across the-room reaoing easy 12 segment LED bar graph wattmeter gives insian-taneous PEP readings up to 200 waft RF output.

Good bail, mismatch trl-cator LEO* Indicate SWR conditions SmaT; size (5V? x 4ft x 1 n ) and easy to-read digital disptav makes it iCear for mo^ bile use For 50 ohm systems. 1.8-30 MHz. 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312. S9 95


Lower your SWR and Get more power into your mobile whip tor solid signals and more QSOs. Your solid state rig puts uut more power and generates less heat For 10-80 meter whips. Easy plug-in installation, Complete instructions. Fits anywhere, 2,/?x2t/:ln.

ORDER ANY PRODUCT FROM MFJ AND ÏRY IT-NO OBLIGATION. IF NOT SATISFIED RETURN WITHIN 30 DAYS FOR PROMPT REFUND liest shipping) * One year unconditional guarantee * Add Î5.00 each shipping/handling • Call or write for free catalog, over 100 products.


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